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To the coffee discovery


Known since the antiquity, coffee is the shrub fruit: the coffee tree.
Growing in the tropical and subtropical regions, we consider that Ethiopia is its earth mother.

The coffee knew a formidable ascent of the east towards the west, indeed, according to numerous legends and traditions, the coffee would have appeared to the seventh century in Arabia through the angel Gabriel. This last one bringing a comforting black drink to the prophet Mahomet who was unwell. He called this potion “qah’wa” means “coffee” in Arabic today.
It’s that in the sixteenth century when the Europeans discover this potion thanks to the Ottomans. From the seventeenth the coffee spreads on all the continents, but it’s in the Venice city that its consumption is most wide-spread.

The coffee becomes then synonymic of meeting and exchanges and this all over the world because numerous establishments begin to distribute it.

The coffee production requires an important know-how of its picking in its roasting. It’s indeed necessary to pick the best coffee beans so that they are roasted and ground to release their best aromas and exceptional flavours. The coffee freshness being determined by the time sold between its grinding and its use, it’s advised to grind coffee beans just before their use. (There are seven grindings sorts going of the most unrefined to the finest).

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