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Destination Cuba, a fascinating voyage in the heart of the Caribbean islands


Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba is an island complete with its variety of landscapes, the unique architecture of its old colonial cities and the beauty of its beaches. Upgraded or deserted, the beaches are a real asset to tourism in Cuba. Water blue or green seas of Cuba are particularly interested in scuba diving because of their transparency and richness of coral reefs. Varadero beach stretching over 20 km north of the island is one of the most famous. A stay in Cuba is unimaginable without a visit to Havana, the capital of the island. City of contrast between colony and modernity, Havana sees move old American cars of the 1960s and some vehicles much more recent origin Japanese. Bicycles, means of locomotion are also many people in Cuba.

La Habana Vieja, the historical heart of the city, declared by UNESCO "heritage of humanity", includes most sites such as Colonial Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza Vieja and the most beautiful Charming hotels in Cuba. The avenue of waterfront along the Malecon the capital of 8 km is the great meeting place for lovers, families and groups of friends. In February, the carnival in Havana gives color Malecon whose facades of the palaces were damaged by salt from the sea former capital, Santiago has its recognized its carnival held annually in late July when harvesting of sugarcane is completed. Santiago de Cuba has generously contributed to the musical talents of Cuba. For its bay, Santiago is built on a terraced hill. Narrow streets up and down along the houses nestled against each other and repeating the same architectural motifs. A trip to Santiago allows you to discover another facet of Cuba, music pervades every corner of the city and houses appear down the slopes of the old streets until Wednesday Located in the center of the island Cuba, the region of Trinidad you dive into the everyday Cuba, the small town as cumbersome Santa Clara is where the remains of Che Guevara, is emblematic of the Cuban revolution. Crafts lovers will enjoy their stay in Trinidad in which to wander on foot through the museums and shops. Going to the discovery of Trinidad, you discover that the city has preserved intact the vestiges of its past: ancestral homes and low houses with pastel colors.

Fourth city of Cuba, Cienfuegos is often overlooked by tourists for its nearby Trinidad. It deserves to detour because it cultivates its difference because of its foundation by a French. Thus many of its streets bearing French names and colors of the flag are those of the French flag. Cienfuegos is deemed to be the first port in the world for sugar. Protected by the vast Bahia de Jagua, it is also a fishing port and specifically shrimp. Essential elements of Cuban culture, cigars are mainly manufactured in the Vinales Valley in the extreme west of Cuba produces the best tobacco in the world. For a Cuban, smoking a Havana or a Habanos is a pleasure and an exceptional moment. Vinales Valley is a picturesque site in the province of Pinar Del Rio, dotted with mögött, these famous limestone hills and rounded summits which houses buildings dating from people such as houses for drying tobacco leaves. The discovery of the Vinales Valleycontinues with the visit of the many caves in the region including the Cave of Santo Tomas, one of the largest in Latin America. There are also many Vinales spas to spas and medicinal.

Cuba is one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean tourism and allows varied. Cuba is starting to go to the discovery of an infinite variety of beaches. You find the most beautiful on many Cayos whose best known are Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Largo, Cayo Levisa and Cayo Saetia. Culture is no exception and Salsa de Cuba remains one of its best representatives. The diversity of the Cuban landscape is characterized by its six areas declared a World Biosphere Reserve: Park Alejandro de Humboldt on the side of Holguin in the region of Guantanamo, Sierra del Rosario in Viñales, the park Baconao in Santiago de Cuba, Prequ'île Guanacahabibes of Pinar del Rio, Zapata swamps in Matanzas, Buenavista in Vila Santa Clara Cuchillas Spiritus and Guantanamo del Toa. Cuba has over a hundred protected natural areas and 14 national parks including the Topes de Collantes side Trinidad and Cienfuegos and the Sierra Maestra most legendary because this is where Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara have installed their headquarters during the Cuban revolution. Here is the highest mountain of Cuba, Pico Turquino (1974m).

The team of Earth Autentik specialist of Cuba proposed the discovery of the island according to its characteristics and taking into account your travel needs. The travel agency offers a selection of charming hotels including Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santiago or superior hotels on the seafront in the Cayos or Varadero. Some circuits in car, are constructed to measure and you will enjoy your vacation in Cuba.

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