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What’s new on the coffee world?


At the present time, coffee is the more consummate drink in France, just after water! It’s to say if this potion cannot be ignored, to the breakfast or all along the day. But to the instant coffee to the expresso, there is a world! Yes, it exist many coffee variety: Arabica, Robusta
In fact, it doesn’t existing one, but several coffees and that according to their origins.

    Coffee beans don’t have the same flavor or same strength. To do a good coffee, you should make a good roasting because it’s this that will determine the flavor to the finished product. (Arrived at destination, coffee beans are roasted; strongly warmed; what develops their aroma and gives them their dark color). A coffee can have a flavor very different about another, it all depends of the roasting it has under.

Moreover, in order to help many little coffee producers, mainly come from Africa, South America and Viet Nam, we have seen arrived, in the 60’s, the development of a fair trade. This to allow to south countries to benefit from advantage of the fruit of their coffee culture by selling her to the north countries stores having a label “fair trade”, so decreasing the intermediaries.

Indeed this last one is a set of distribution networks of consumer of South country which obeys conditions considered as being able to improve, if possible durably, the situation of the producers who adhere to it. Furthermore, a production type considered as more ethical is: the organic farming. Indeed it’s the only guarantee without pesticides.

Did you know that there isn’t grandmother who knows how to make a good coffee? Yes, recently a site of on-line sold coffee was created by a young entrepreneur: Matthias MONTANGERAND.

www.e-cafetier.fr is a site specialized in the sale of roasted coffee in a craft way. You will find rarely coffees; bio and issued from the fair trade still unrecognized by the general public there. 

E-cafetier.fr who else?

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For more information on café décaféiné and acheter du café, please visit: www.e-cafetier.fr

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