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SE Ranking Problems and Solutions - II


2. Check Off-Site Optimization

Off-page optimization is what can be done off the pages of a website to maximise its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the on-page content and keywords in off-page

Off-page factors should be carefully considered and implemented to achieve a higher search engine ranking.
Back links are an important factor in off-page-optimization. The higher number of links from related websites which should include your primary keywords for which you want to have high search engine rankings play a powerful role. The unrelated links to your site from another sites leads to drop your SE ranking. Give the search engines what they need.
Approach Quality Websites for links to your site.

Apply all the on-site-optimization factors discussed in previous post. Because if you will not then SE will re-evaluate the links to your site which leads to drop SE ranking.

Try to get links from high ranking publisher sites. Don't go for the duplicate keywords in your link-ads from the same site, use different keywords.

Do not use off-page SEO spamming tactics like Link farms, Garbage links, Link churning, Hidden inbound links etc.

If your site is not ranked yet, it's totally new site then try to get links from other sites i.e by reciprocating links or getting links from other sites without any back link to those sites from yours.

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