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SE Ranking Problems and Solutions - I


Some good web site rankings dropped or their web pages have not been listed at all. To over come these problems do the following:

1. Check On-Site Optimization:

Make sure that your site pages are Spam free. Don’t use Black Hat SEO tricks to cheat the search engine like keyword stuffing, hidden text, cloaking or redirections. If you do so SE label your site as a spam site and everything which you did for site optimization will be idle.
Text is essential for search engines.
Pages should be content rich for submition in SE, either these are old pages of your site or newly made.

Create a robots.txt file. Make sure it is not broken. Because a broken robots.txt send search engine spiders away. If you want to test the robots.txt file go to: robots.txt file

Try to make links simple text links instead of using images. Because plain links play an important role to spider your site by search engine.

Another reason for bad ranking is dynamically created pages. Use of frames, special characters like: “&“ “?“ “!” etc. will effect your page-rank (consider rewriting your URLs so that your pages look like static pages ). These can create difficulty in indexing pages for google. Try to make static pages of site.

Write an accurate valid HTML code. While most HTML errors don’t cause problems, some of them can prevent search engine spiders from indexing your site. 

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