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Basic Do's and don'ts to create a website


Today, in the scenario of global market every business concerns wants an online presence as it connects the worldwide people through common platform, web very quickly.

There are many Website Design Company who can help to build your online image/website. So having a website is not sufficient to achieve your target. You should take proper care to run your website smoothly. When your start your business website you need to learn the basic concept behind a website or hire someone who can observe or maintain your website. There are many Do's and Don'ts you must follow.

  • Your website must be user friendly and visible through any browser.
  • The loading time must be lesser as visitors are very busy. I don't' think that anybody wants to take this risk to let go his unique visitors towards the competitors for this stupid reason.
  • Never force the visitor to install plug-in or any other tools to visit your web site. If you want to use this kind of tools then must provide the options for them, it may not be mandatory for users.
  • Due to lack of time viewers are hardly go for detailed view. They wish to make a quick glance. So the presentation of your website should be unique and short. Don't depend on only graphical or textual appearance.
  • Make an appropriate title which describes your website in short so that people can easily remember it and may suggest to others.
  • Think twice before doing an 'intro button' or 'flash intro', because it wastes visitor's precious time as well as yours. It may turnout viewers to quit rather visit your page or it may fall down the curiosity to visit your site.
  • If your website or page is not complete yet, don't open it online. Due to showing under construction page you may loose your visitors. If it is necessary to show page or content before completion then just put the date or time of last update.
  • Avoid using flashing/blinking text. Blinking text with gradient color may create trouble for viewer's eyes.
  • Don't try to make the people and/or search engine fool by using cheap tricks.
  • Use navigation to give a well structure to your site. It not only helps search engine spider to crawling, it also guides people to browse your website according to navigation.
  • Be careful that your website has never shows 404 Page not found. Keep it mind that viewers may not wish to come again to visit your site in future due to easy availability of related sites.
  • Keep limitation of using JavaScript to show key elements or allow drop-down menu to navigate the page. Whenever you use this kind of scripts try to provide an optional way in form of text links or use site map so that people can navigate your website easily.
  • Don't irritate people by creating pop-up windows. Basically it contains advertisements, so if you want to presents ads show it properly. It may aids to lose your visitors as people may not wish to revisit your site.
  • Try to avoid using background music. Yes, sometimes it makes moods but unnecessary music can be annoying. Besides that it makes the file heavy and may take the time longer to download the website than normal.
  • The most important thing that must create site map. It presents a whole picture of your website including sub pages within one page.

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