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Filing for Bankruptcy in California


There are many reasons to file bankruptcy – large medical bills, loss of a job, unsecured debt, etc. These debts can get very large, very quickly if not properly managed.

Nationwide, courts are seeing sizable increases in the number of people filing for bankruptcy protection. And not surprisingly, bankruptcy filings have increase the most in states that have experienced foreclosures due to defaulted loans.

Filing for bankruptcy is not something you should do on your own, as you likely are unaware of bankruptcy laws. It's very important to find a lawyer who is experienced and has a track record of success. Save yourself the headache and let a skilled, experienced attorney help you. The Sexton Law Firm (jamessextonlaw.com), a California bankruptcy firm, has provided suggestions on how go about filing:

A bankruptcy lawyer's main job is to review your personal information and help you determine the best course of action to take. They will advise you on what kind of bankruptcy you can file and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

When you meet with your bankruptcy lawyer, be sure you are prepared.

  • Ask what kind of bankruptcy you should file for. Chapter seven requires you to use non-exempt assets to pay off your creditors, this can be extremely detrimental. Chapter eleven and thirteen, do not require this, but are much harder to qualify for and more expensive to file for.
    • Ask how to go about filing for bankruptcy. There is a lot of paperwork to file, so be sure you have it checked by your attorney, as they will be able to direct you on everything you need to fill out.
    • Educate yourself on the fees you will have to pay for filing. They differ depending on the kind of bankruptcy you are filing for.

    Following these steps will help you achieve a thorough understanding of the process.

    The Sexton Law Firm offers free consultations and never charges to speak with an attorney. Get experience you can trust. Speak with an attorney at the Sexton Law Firm today about your bankruptcy case and get the information you need.

    The Sexton Law Firm proudly serves the San Diego area. Get your questions answered by an experienced and knowledgeable California attorney. To speak with a local attorney for free, contact The Sexton Law Firm to set up an appointment.

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