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.Net Development Company


IT Chimes a .Net Development company provides .Net Development Services to clients in USA, UK, Australia and India

What is .NET? .NET Framework is Microsoft's application development platform. It enables the developers to create Windows applications, web applications, and web services using different kinds of programming languages. The developers don’t have to worry about the memory management and processor-specific instructions.

.NET is the Common Language Runtime, commonly known as the CLR. The CLR is made up of a number of different parts. .NET Framework is made of an independent language. The developer can use NET application while using any number of different programming languages. The most popular languages are C# and VB.NET. But programmers have been using Python, COBOL, and more.

The use of an intermediate language has given .Net the language independence. It implies that the code is complied not in the actual machine code but into a high-level generic language. The developer can write the code in any language but it has to be compiled in NET and it will become IL (Intermediate language). All the languages have to eventually be translated into the intermediate languages. The developer can compile the code and the code is translated to the intermediate language and stored in an assembly. When that assembly is implemented then the CLR picks up that code and compiles it and runs the code. The developers save the times in compiling the code as it done by CPU.

.NET is a very secure language. Managing memory is a major issue for the developers. If the memory is unmanaged then the program takes double of time and lead to formation of bugs and other security issues. .NET is the only language which is secure and can help in removing of the bugs to. The language has an inbuilt feature called Garbage collector. Garbage collector sees which objects are required for the application and it removes those objects from the applications which are not required. Some developers don’t like the Garbage collector because they are in the habit of managing the memory and the running of the Garbage collector acts as trouble maker instead of trouble shooter.

.Net has become really famous for some years and a lot of web development companies around the globe use .NET with MS SQL database to develop complex web applications and Content Management Systems. India has become an outsourcing hub with large number of .Net developers available and an advantage of costing compared to other developed countries. IT Chimes is one such company which has been using .Net platform for years now and has successfully developed web applications and delivered projects to its clientele all around the globe.

.Net has developed other applications which are to be implemented with databases such as ADO.NET and includes built-in providers for SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, as well as Oracle.

Windows Forms is used for building desktop-based applications. With the help of Windows Forms the developers can manage wrapper over the native Windows API. The application can be written in one version of Windows and its can be run on any other form of window application with using WINDOW 98SE.

If you are looking for a professional and an experienced company which can use the .Net framework for developing web applications than IT Chimes is a good choice. With their track record and the experienced team they have a company such as this is bound to deliver as per the client’s requirement.

For more information on .Net Development Company visit IT Chimes or email info@itchimes.com

Author Bio:

Ram Sharma, a graduate from IILM, New Delhi. Ram is in the Business Development team for IT Chimes.

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